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summer program

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Our Educational Summer Program in Alpharetta, Ga. helps children develop study skills, organization skills, and foster growth in multiple academic areas: math, reading, language arts, and livings skills. Living skills include: organization, study skills, counting money, telling time, keeping a checkbook, etc.! The program will include fun activities, science experiences, and art time fun! The program will review the previous school year's academics, and prepare each child for their upcoming school year!

The program is taught by two certified teachers with multiple years of classroom experience. One is a certified special education teacher, the other is a regular education teacher. The Educational Summer Program is located in Alpharetta on the city line of Johns Creek, Ga.

Each child will have an educational program tailored to their understanding and goals of academic growth. Feedback from parents, last year's teacher, and their IEP will play a large part in creating the academic plan. Get More details below!


Program details

K8 and homeschool assistance's summer program is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30am to 4pm in Alpharetta and John Creek. The Summer Program will start on June 5th and conclude July 26th. 

The certified teachers will explore your child's current education strengths and areas of growth in May. That will include an interview with parents and current teacher, IEP review (if app), and one tutoring session with the child.

Certified teachers Lori Spencer and Ann Blue will create a education plan specially tailored to your child's needs. This plan will be discussed with parents prior to the program starting.

The program allows for vacation other summer camps. The program requires a commitment to 6 out of 8 weeks.


One Day at week: $150/day

Two Days a week: $125/day, $250/week

Please inquire of multiple child discount (same family only).

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