Our Services

Creating what your child needs to succeed

We offer a full range of services. From Special Education to Advanced Placement. 

Teachers As Tutors brings the tutoring to you in the comfort of your own home. We offer in-home and online tutoring. No more rushing around in traffic. We bring you personalized service in the comfort of your home.

We Are More Than Just a Tutoring Service!

*Support for Parents

*IEP Reviews

*Advocacy during IEP meetings

*Teacher Collaboration

*SAT and ACT prep

We Offer A Wide Variety Of Tutoring Options

Subjects Offered: 

Math: preschool through high school

Reading: all ages 

Language Arts: K - 12th   

Math: K-12

Homework help 

Help to meet IEP Goals

IEP Advocacy

SAT & ACT prep

Virtual Learning 

We utilize Zoom for Meetings. It is a robust web-based and free platform. Many school districts also use Zoom. That is why we chose it. Even if your school system is not using Zoom, it is easy and intuitive, so it will not get in the way of the learning experience.  

Call us to discuss how we can give your child confidence in their schoolwork! 

In-Home Tutoring 

Our teachers can come into your home to provide tutoring sessions for your child while you cook a meal in your kitchen or finish your workday in your home office. Again, keep your life as simple as possible and stay home and let us fight the Atlanta Metro Traffic!

Advocacy For Students With IEP's: 

We provide your family with the support of Special Education Teachers who have over 19 years of experience preparing IEPs and facilitating IEP sessions in schools. We know what the schools are asking their special education instructors to do that makes the school system operate best for them—not necessarily what is best for the child—because our teachers have been "there" in the classroom, working with the administration of the schools. Although we are not attorneys, we have the knowledge to request things from an IEP plan that will be beneficial to your child. In an IEP meeting, parents are permitted to have an advocate. Why not have an experienced person sit by your side the entire time?

To Get Started

Advocacy before Meetings: 

Set up a meeting with your tutor before walking into any type of meeting with your child's teachers. Remember all our tutors were teachers, so we can give you key input into what would be best for your child. After working with your child, we can give you objective advice from an educator that is only on your child's side.

SAT/ACT Tutoring

Were you aware that tutors at other tutoring businesses are not educators? These tutors will merely inform the students that they failed to complete the SAT/ACT practice problem, after which they will read the student, the solution based on the definition found in the practice book! Since we are educators, we will help your student comprehend the issues that he/she overlooked. This is how we vary from other tutors. Your student will receive the specialized attention they require to succeed from our teachers as they work one-on-one with them.