Customer Reviews

"After almost 2 years of remote learning (PreK and Kindergarten) due to the pandemic, my son RJ needed some extra support. I remember spending hours online searching for the “best” place to sign him up. After speaking to several professionals and not quite feeling content I came across Teachers for Tutors! After talking to you for a few moments my stress levels lessened. You informed me that you had the perfect tutor for RJ, Ms. Peggy. Later that day I received a phone call from Peggy. We stayed on the phone for a lengthy time, I voiced my concerns and areas that my son needed strengthening. Peggy was professional and very knowledgeable. She assured me that she was willing to help and could get RJ where he needed to be. RJ instantly fell in love with Peggy. He’s enthusiastic about going and loves working with her. She’s gentle, effective, patient and very dedicated. In just 2 months I’ve seen drastic improvements. His confidence has soared, his reading level has jumped 2 letters, his penmanship has improved as well as his pace with writing. I have no regrets whatsoever! There’s no better place or professionals for me to entrust my child’s academic performance.Thank you so much to you both!"

Tracy Sheppard

"I had the privilege of working with Lori Spencer as her Paraprofessional in her classroom for over 3 years. It was a pleasure watching her work with our special needs students. She was always patient and understanding with them, while at the same time very skilled at teaching them both the standards and the social skills they needed. She created a bright and happy environment in which the students could learn while having lots of stimulation and fun! It was a true joy working with Lori."

Linda Trew

“Lori Spencer has been an outstanding tutor to my child. As he began 3rd grade and came under her instruction, Hammond was behind academically and in need of significant support to close the educational gap. Lori took the time to get to know him personally and developed a teaching strategy that built upon his successes, addressed his challenges and met his individual educational needs. I noticed a significant improvement in Hammond’s academic performance within about a month of working with Lori. Most importantly, she helped Hammond develop an enthusiasm for learning by making the process fun. She cares about him on both an academic and personal level. Hammond LOVES school now AND Ms. Lori! I am so pleased with the progress Lori has helped Hammond make and the work ethic she is helping him build. Her impact in his life is immeasurable and I am so thankful for her support.” 

Avery Parker

“Mrs. Spencer is an outstanding special needs teacher! We have nothing but great things to say about her and her teaching ability. Our son, William Jr. has been under her tutelage for one year. In that year he has shown exceptional growth and maturity. He was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) at the age of 3 years old. We were really worried about his transition from Elementary School to Middle School but since day one of school Mrs. Spencer has made this a breeze. When he gets over stimulated he knows what actions to take because of the Individual Education Plan (IEP) that Mrs. Spencer’s tailored to fit his special needs. She is always two steps ahead of the game by communicating that additional modifications are necessary to accommodate changes to his IEP. Thank you so much for working with William this year! We are really going to miss working with you next year."

Mr. William L. & Contrena D. Wingfield

"Mrs. Spencer is a wonderful teacher! She has helped my daughter, Brianna for years. She helped my daughter to be the great student she is today. Mrs. Spencer was always there for all of her students, and helped them with their individual learning needs. Mrs. Spencer also kept in touch with parents; working with us to help our children grow as students!"

"I had the awesome privilege of working with Lori Spencer, for the last three years, at Haymon Morris Middle School, as a Paraprofessional in her classrooms. She is one of the most caring teachers I have ever known. She worked tirelessly for her students and really emphasized a caring and nurturing environment in her classes, for all of her students, no matter what their personal needs were. She was extremely patient and responded with kindness but firmness, as the situation/s unfolded. I would recommend her to anyone that has need of her special talents."

Shannon Baxter

Student Opinion Papers

Reason 1. Get better scores on your test

Reason 2. You can finish your homework faster 

Do you think students should have help on problems they don’t understand? Students should have tutoring every day because it can have an impact on test scores and students don’t have to spend too long working on their homework. 

Students should have tutoring everyday so that they can get higher grades on their tests. For example, I have an upcoming test on Inequalities and some of the problems can get tricky and tutoring has helped with these problems. This is significant because it helps me solve problems easier and faster. As a result, students should also have tutoring so they can get comfortable with the problems too. 

Another reason why students should get tutored is because it can help you finish your homework faster. For example, when I was doing ratios and rates assignments, it took me more than 2 days for me to get just Monday’s homework done! This is also important because now it takes me 10 to 15 minutes to get my homework done. Students should get tutored if they want to finish their homework faster. 

Students can get a lot done by getting tutored every day, like finishing up homework fast and improving test scores. If you want to be the smartest kid in your class, get tutored every day after school for great results! 

By: Pragya Kapisthalam 1/21/22 

Students Should Have Tutors 

Do you think that when we don’t understand something in school, we may need help with it? I think we need to have Tutoring every day after school because some students spend so much time on homework that they don’t understand, and tutoring helps you look at many problems in different ways. 

We need to have Tutoring every day after school because some students spend lots of time doing homework on topics they don’t understand. For example, I spent two hours doing homework on proportions, ratios, and rates, which kept me up late. The reason why this is significant is because some topics are hard for students to understand, so some get tutors to help. As expressed, we need to have Tutoring every day after school because some students spend lots of time on homework that they don’t understand. 

We must have Tutoring every day after school because tutoring helps you look at many problems in different ways. For instance, my tutor used a different approach in how to solve a math problem than my teacher. This is important because sometimes teachers can explain math problems in ways that students may not be able to understand, so tutors can help explain them in different ways. Therefore, we need to have Tutoring every day after school because tutoring helps you look at many problems in different ways. 

Do you want to have help with your homework that you don’t understand? Do you want to have help looking at problems in different ways? Well, you should have Tutoring every day after school because you can have help with the homework topics you don’t understand, and you can look at math problems in different ways. 

 Kavya. 1/21/2022