We create an educational program specifically tailored to your child. Below are the services we offer. Each program starts with an educational needs consultation with the parents to determine your child's strengths and challenges to create a plan of action.

Special Education Tutoring

One-on-one tutoring by a certified teacher for students Kindergarten through 12th grade. Services can include students with or without an IEP. Your child will be assessed and taught by a certified special education teacher that has had extensive experience with helping children with special needs thrive.

-Includes all subject areas

-Life skills training

-After school hours are available

Regular Education Tutoring

We now offer in home tutoring! 

Nothing is more frustrating than the battle of homework when you'd rather spend quality time with your child.Teachers as Tutors is experienced teaching all subjects and has extensive experience to help your child succeed. The tutoring program will focus on your child's specific needs whether it is one subject or many.

-All subjects areas

-After school hours 

-In home tutoring for Forsyth Counting as well as Alpharetta & Johns Creek

-Can come in packages or pay-per-session

Summer Program

Education never stops. Our program will review and reinforce the skills of the previous school year as well as introduce standards for the upcoming school year. Assessments can be made to determine how well your child understands the curriculum from the previous school year. Areas of needs will be focused on before introducing the new year’s curriculum therefore giving them a head start on the next school year.

The same will be done for your students with an IEP. The Summer Preparation Program for these students will include their IEP Goals and Objectives. Progress Monitoring can be taken and you can take this data to their special education teacher the fallowing school year. The summer program for students with special needs can include a period of time focused on Affective Skills helping your child to interact socially with their peers. This program will be designed on a case-by- case situation. This will require a parent interview to determine what subjects need to be taught or areas that the teacher can enrich what you are already teaching them at home.

IEP Support

Our Tutors have worked within the school system for many  years creating and developing IEPs and assisting children achieve and master their IEP goals. Teachers as Tutors can help your child master their IEP goals and can contact your child's IEP case manager to collaboratively work as a team to help your child succeed. Additionally, we have attended IEP's with parents to help them walk through the IEP process. We offer advocacy for the parents at these IEP meetings.

Homeschool Assistance

Weekly assistance for special or regular ED children who are home schooled. All subjects offered. Helping parents to teach the subjects they themselves struggle with. Obtaining home school assistance is more cost effective and personal than resorting to private school.

-All subject areas

-Personalized education plan

Test Preparation

Concerned with your child taking their next Georgia Standardized Tests? 

All of our tutors have experience helping children prepare and take Georgia Standardized Tests. We have the personal experience to know what areas to work on so that your child's true knowledge can be demonstrated.

-By grade level and academic needs

-Personalized attention

-Packages or pay-per-session

Counseling Services

Is your child struggling with anxiety, low self esteem, or behavior struggles? Teachers as Tutors works closely with Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling for Children and Adults- who offer counseling services. Lori can collaborate with your counselor to give your child collaborative treatment. To learn more about their services visit: or call 404-834-2363

-Play Therapy, Child Counseling

-Parenting Support

-Family Therapy (sibling, parent/child, whole family)

-Couple's Therapy

- Individual Counseling