Advocacy For Students With IEP's

Walk-in with experience at yourside!

Courtney is an educator with 18 years of experience working with students with special needs. She is certified in Elementary and Special Education. Courtney has written many IEP's and faciliated many IEP meetings, so she knows what goes into an IEP. She is a wonderful tutor, but two other services she can provide are consulting with parents before an IEP meeting, and attending meetings with the parents.

Courtney can go into the meeting as an IEP member. She can walk through the meeting page by page to be sure all services and accomodations are covered. She can be in your court / on your side and will ask questons that will not intimidate the school staff, but will help you get the best paln for your child.

Set-up an hour meeting with Courtney before your child's IEP meeting to go over the IEP before walking into that meeting. She can answer questions for you and point out areas of strenghts and weaknesses before the meeting. Also, be sure to ask her about possible upcoming goals as well as accomodations and supports.



# Advocate for students with special needs