Cobb County Tutor

Diane Hughs can tutor in-home in Cobb County!


Diane graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Georgia. She is a Birthing of Giants Alumni, MIT. She hold Teaching certification in the states ofTexas and Georgia. Diane taught Language Arts and Reading. She is certified in English as a Second Language grades 4 - 8. Further, she was trained under Teach for America after a career in entreprenteurship.

Diane specializes in skills gained from both careers. She uses inovative and creative strategies to break down complex concepts to simpliest form for the student, then building back to the complex for greater understanding. She teaches to the student's strenghts, while building up their weakness to develop confident, engaged learners. Resulting in joy for both the student and herself in the AHA moments when students have grasped a cencept for the first time.

Diane tutors in-home, online, or in our Alpharetta office.

Please Call our Intake Line - 470-546-3320