Does Your Child Read for Pleasure?

October will be here soon. Did you know that National Book Month is held each October? This month - long celebration focuses on the importance of reading, writing, and literature. It's a great time to encourage your child to read something for fun.

Why is reading important? According to research, reading helps improve comprehension and vocabulary skills. Reading also helps to develop stronger social skills, vocabulary, and writing skills.

Books can teach children valuable lessons about considering other people's feelings, as well seeing things from another perspecitve. Books have a way of making you feel part of the story, and then reeling you in with the characters. Not only can this improve concentration and memory, but it also reduces stress.

How can you encourage your child to read? To start, try not to be too picky about what they read. As long as it's appropriate, let them find something interesting or engaging for them. Make books available around the home and read to small children regularly. Take trips to the local library.

And while you're at it, parents, don't forget to find something enjoyable for you to read as well!

Written by - Sue Holder