Executive Functioning

Children may need help with academics such as math or reading. However, many children may not have a problem understanding the concepts in these subjects, but struggle with the mechanics that make children successful in the classroom.

Executive Functioning deficits can manifest itself in many ways in a child's life. Some of these areas are: listening skills, inability to inhibit impulsive behaviors, inability to stay in one's seat, turn-taking behaviors, completing classwork, or simple organization of school tools.

Teachers as Tutors works with students to develop the skills that some may not come by naturally. Some students need to be taught or retrained to use these higher functioning skills to be successful in school. We work to help a child practice these skills so they can take these new behaviors back to their schools.

Students are taught to listen, take turns, and learn techniques to help them to stay in their seats and not "blurt out" whatever pops into those sweet little heads!