Grow in knowledge, grow in ability, and grow in confidence!

Grow in knowledge, grow in ability, and grow in confidence!

As I was working with a student the other day, I realized how much fun I was having! This student has such a joy in his smile when he figures something out! His tutoring appointment is later in the evening, so he seems so tired when he arrives, but when we start working, I can see his energy level rise more and more as he enjoys the new things he is learning.

I have often found that it is much better

to work with one-child-at-a-time. They get what they need and you can truly individualize the lesson to suit his or her needs. From the specific type of curriculum to the teaching style that best suits their personalities. I enjoy figuring that out – the best approach to help them engage in the learning process.

I have always loved studying kids and how they see the world. I love figuring out their little personalities and what makes them tick! I think sometimes I can be a bit boring to my family members by talking about, or should I say, analyzing why children do the things they do say at a Birthday party or playing at a park.

The fact is I love children! I love teaching them and I especially love teaching them one-on-one. To give them time to be listened to! To approach them with the things they need so they will strive to do their personal best. That’s really the trick for everyone isn’t it? To not compete so much or measure oneself so much by how others achieve, but how individually we achieve and grow! I remember what my husband used to say to a girl when he was coaching her individually in softball: “Today beat your personal best from yesterday!”