Individualized Education

Individualized education is not only for students in Special Ed, it's for everyone! The team here at Teachers As Tutors understands that every student learns best in a different way. Whether that be visual, auditory, reading & writing, or kinesthetic, during our intakes we get to learn about the students and take into account all of their needs in order to create an tutoring plan for each individual student.

Visual- Visual learners are able to retain information when it’s presented to them charts, graphs, pictures and more.

Auditory- As you may have guessed, this is referring to those who learn by listening to information being presented. These learners tend to do well in groups, lectures or when reading out loud.

Reading & Writing- Those who learn by reading and writing do well with worksheets, text heavy assignments and note taking.

Kinesthetic- These are the hands-on learners. Students who learn by doing do well in classes such as STEM and other subjects that use manipulatives.

While there are, of course, many other styles of learning, these four are the primary groups that we see students falling into. During our intake process, we meet with parents to gain insight into their child's personality and learning styles. While parents may not know exactly how their student learns best, we listen for key details in how students are struggling and where they thrive in order to develop the best possible tutoring plan.