Is Your Tutor Qualified?


It is so tough when you child is struggling with school. As a parent it is heart breaking to see someone you love so much... struggle with something so essential as education. You want to help them, however not every tutor is created equal: You can choose from: older students, college students, and regular education teachers. However, if your child has special needs, such as an IEP, diagnosis of Anxiety, ADHD, Learning Disability, Cognitive Deficits, Autism,

or any other disability- You need a tutor qualified to work with special education. It is essential to have a tutor with training and experience in special education.

When you see your child struggle, you want them to get help now! However finding the fastest person is different than finding the RIGHT person. At K-8 Tutoring we offer tutoring and homeschool assistance from special education teachers with 20+ years experience working with special needs children. If we are not the right fit for your child, we can help you find someone who is. It is about the right fit, not forcing the fit. It is about each child thriving and meeting their full potential. At K-8 Tutoring- We are not just another Tutor!