Keep It Simple, But Be Effective!

Keep it simple, but be effective this summer! You can help your child enrich their skills while riding in the car each day. Start by using simple games like I Spy, and find alphabet letters in signs, license plates, or wherever you can find them while riding in the car. When my girls were little, we sang learning songs or counted backwards and then forwards while killing time waiting in traffic. I encourage 3rd grade kiddos to go over multiplication tables with their parents while riding in the car as well.

Reading comprehension is improved when you have a great vocabulary. Give your child a new vocabulary word of the day or week. Use the new word in as many ways as possible in converstation as you move through your day. Then give your children rewards when they remember to use the new word while talking to you; especially if they are not reminded!

Being creative in helping your children learn is fun during our busy lives. Share your ideas on how to help children learn during a hectic day. I would love to hear and share your ideas!