Looking for Summer plans for your student?!

There's a number of reasons that summer tutoring is a great option for students! From simply giving them something to do to bridging a gap they may have in their academics, we're here to help students (elementary and middle school) this coming summer!

*Keeps Kids From Being Bored: Just because school is out for summer doesn't mean you job stops. Kids can often get bored during the summer months trying to entertain themselves while their parents are at work. Let us take over for an hour or two to keep them busy and productive!

*Retain Skills & Knowledge: Especially younger students tend to forget key concepts during the summer months. Tutoring over the summer is a great way to help them retain those concepts from the previeous year and maintain a schedule so that when school returns, it's not a huge adjustment.

*Build Self-Esteem and Confidence: Tutoring not only helps kids fill gaps academically, but it also builds their self-esteem and confidence for when they return to the classroom! If students are caught up (or even ahead) in their core subjects for the next year, they'll start school in August knowing that everything wont be so foreign to them. They'll go into reading, ELA and math knowing what they were expected to remember from the previous year and be able to apply it immediately to review work the first month of school.

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If you're wanting to keep your student caught up and learning through the summer, we're offering summer workshops here at Teachers As Tutors! We have multiple sessions available to make it convenient for any schedule! Sessions are specifically catered to serve ELA, Reading and Math for PreK through 12th grade. Space islimited so be sure to sign your student up soon in order to guarantee a spot!

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PreK - 5th Grade
Monday & Wednesday -or- Tuesday & Thursday
*Session days are not flexible.

Reading and Writing

Math (Basic Elementary)

Math (5th grade and up)



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
*Sessions are 1 hour per day. You may choose 1-4 sessions per week.

ELA & Reading

Math (Algebra 1, 2 and Geometry)

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