On Reading and Writing Instruction-


Helping children of all ages thrive in reading and writing skills is the most important goal for the Teachers as Tutors team. Parents, let us face it, the Pandemic had serious negative effects on many children. In the early grades, k-2, children were often not able to access the basics of social skills such as developing relationships with others, use of expressive language and even development of basic phonics skills because masks impaired the children’s abilities to look at lip formations. Many students have learned to form letters incorrectly because they did not have direct instruction in forming letters. In the upper- elementary and middle school grades some students did not consistently learn the importance of turning in assignments, doing their best on assignments, asking for help when they needed it, and even being accountable for their work. This was not their fault as the constraints of teaching online took its toll. The results have been those students of this age struggle with the knowledge of how to draw conclusions, figure out meaning of vocabulary from context and even infer information. These students need direct instruction to catch up and refine these needed skills for high school. The team at Teacher as Tutors are experienced teachers who understand these needs and have much experience in remediation of these skills. Our team consists of a combination of elementary, middle/high school teachers as well as learning disability specialists trained in the areas of reading and writing. These teachers understand the importance of assessing a child’s skill level, communicating with parents and when needed with the child’s teacher. A remediation plan is then developed to meet the individual child’s needs. This wholistic approach is what separates us from many other tutoring centers. If a child is experiencing academic issues, we at Teachers as Tutors urge the parents to see our assistance.

Written by: Peggy Engelman