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Starting January, 2023

Teachers as Tutors is now offering ACT and SAT Test Preparation tutoring sessions! We are providing this service to help high school students get the practice they need to be prepared for the ACT or SAT standardized tests. These tests are significant in the overall decision process of colleges and universities across the country to determine acceptance to their schools. Parents, please let us assist you and your students in this challenge. We offer sessions taught by certified teachers with experience in their specialty of the two major parts of the test, which include Reading/English as well as Mathematics.

We will administer a Diagnostic Test to determine the baseline score for each student. From that test we can determine the student’s strengths and weaknesses and go from there to focus on specific types of questions and sections of the test which are more challenging. This type of one-on-one teaching is essential to create a personal program for the students to meet their individual needs. If a student struggles on the English part of the test, for instance, we can home in on those particular questions missed. As teachers we can then focus on grammar techniques; for example, comma usage in written expression. Through instruction and by practicing a skill multiple times, the student can thus improve his or her overall scores on the ACT or SAT.

The tutoring fee includes a personal copy of the McGraw-Hill text, for whichever test you choose, ACT or SAT. A tutor will then work with your student through the book methodically, practicing special strategies along the way to make your student more diligent and successful. Each book contains about 800 pages of practice and guidance, with an additional online and mobile app component, providing more test practice, games, and test-taking strategies.

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Blog written by: Kim Marie Hedges

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