Summer Literacy and Math Programs

Summer almost upon us and we are looking forward to engage your child in our new summer tutoring workshops taught by first-class certified teachers at our Alpharetta office. These workshops offer you a chance to help your child bridge the gap between their current grade in school and the next one quickly approaching at summer’s end.

We offer programs in Reading, Writing, and Math skills to children of all ages. Teachers As Tutors offers an advantage to other tutoring services, in that we specialize in the subjects that we teach, and the focus is on the individual learner. The students actually get one-on-one attention and the focus is on each child’s particular needs.

This year is a critically important time to focus on the basic Reading, Writing, and Math skills, which are the foundation for learning in all subjects. Since many students have missed so much academic rigor due to the pandemic gap from the previous two years, this summer is especially important to boost your child’s learning with our tutoring services.

We will teach Reading comprehension skills, phonics, word decoding as well as sight word recognition and reading strategies in the Reading program. Our Writing program offers many skills and strategies presented in a fun and creative way to foster a love of learning and to combat the fear of the writing task. Math workshops will present mathematical principles and computation practice in a relaxed, unstressed atmosphere that allows students to engage and learn naturally and at their own achievement levels.

Space is limited in our Summer Workshops, so please sign your child up today!

Written by: Kim Marie Hedges