Teachers as Tutors now tutors through high school!

Teachers as Tutors are more than just college students or your neighbor down the street. All of our tutors are certified teachers with classroom experience. We offer tutoring from Kindergarden through high school. Sue Holder retired from teaching regular education and special education students in high school this past school year, and has just joined our team. She loves to tutur children of all ages, but Sue can also tutor students through high school. We are very excited to offer this service to our clients. Further, she has vast experience writing and implimenting IEP's.

Michelle, Sue, and I all have extensive classroom experience and have first hand knowledge of the current curriculum. We have administered many standarized tests over the years. (Mile Stones) We know what your child needs to know for these tests.

Come talk to us to see if we can help you and your child thrive in the upcoming year.