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Extraordinary Math Tutor

"Behind the 4.0 GPA on my master's degree transcript, you would have never thought that I had been a C student from middle school to Grade 11, then my whole studying attitude drastically changed. "

"So what happened...? It was all because of ONE new Math teacher in Grade 12. He took interest in me, and often offered me challenges to answer difficult questions in front of all my classmates. Being put under the spotlight, no joke...he really made me think hard! I will never forget that moment of felling of how a correct answer to a question matter. After receiving compliments for a couple of times after I had the correct answers, I felt an irresistible drive in me. I told myself - not only that I could not let myself down, also I cold not let my teacher down; as he had vested his confidence in me. From that day onwards, I aimed for nothing less than straight A's, and never looked back. This was how I was being brought to be the me I am today."

"My teacher may not have known how much he had impacted my life, but I thankfully do! He helped me realize dreams tha I may not even dared to dream before."

"I left home (Hong Kong) to Canada for my undergraduate studies, and came to Atlanta for my master's. I have been tutoring for over 25 years. for students at different grades from middle school to Kennesaw State University level."

"I understand that each student is unique, and each comes with different learning experiences from previous math teachers - some may be good, while others could be bad. My mission as a teacher is to take interest in each of them, fuel them with confidence and passion in the subject, and equip them with all they need to excel further. I would not be there feeding answers to help stdents finish their homework assignments - which many students may eagerly hope, and which some teachers are being liked for. That would be too easy a task for me and them. Instead, I will help them build strong foundations and fundamentals, such that they could feel the pleasure and reinforcement whenthey are able to attain the correct answers themselves. This is the inner drive in them which I target to help them develop in my tutoring. Yes, you may say...this requires a lot of patience. But this is where my area of forte is. I have patience and track record of teaching both regular education students, as well as students with special needs. It is just beyond imagination on how proud and satifying it is for me to visualize my students reaching and surpassing increasingly challenging yardsticks I set for them from timie to time."

"Trust that you would find our partnership equally fruitful and worthwhile as it has been for me."

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