Let's Individualize a learning plan for your child to be successful!

Not all students are alike nor families for that matter. Teachers as Tutors does not have a one-size fits all approach to working with children. We look at each child and their family as unique, so we will want to tailor a plan that's just as unique. When you call to set-up tutoring for your child, we will schedule an intake meeting for your family. At this meeting the parent can share work samples, progress reports, or if applicable an IEP to help your tutor better know your child. It is at this meeting we can layout a roadmap for the coming tutoring sessions. Further, the tutor will then take the paperwork to study before the first tutoring session with your child.

There are many options in how we can tutor your child. The tutor can agree to assess your child to determine what grade level your child is working at in a particular subject/subjects, or we can determine that from the paperwork that's brought in. Then we can decide on a plan of action to move forward with your child.

Other options are we can help your child practice their IEP goals and objectives. Further, we can work with your child's teacher via email, having the teacher let us know each week what extra help your child may need. Homework help is also a service we can provide!

Yes, families are unique and have different needs, and that is why we offer three different locations for tutoring: we can tutor online, in our Alpharetta office, or in your home. We want our tutoring approach to work best for each individual student and their family.

Teachers as Tutors can go further by helping you prepare for an IEP meeting or assisting you during an IEP meeting. Please read more about this service at:

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