Welcome Adam Bykofsky

Welcome Adam Bykofsky!


Please read his bio:

Thank you for looking at my Bio. I have been a certified teacher in Georgia for the last 17 years. Math has always been my favorite subject and I have had a strong grasp of math concepts throughout my education.

As a tutor, I have had many years of experience in teaching math. I have taught both one-on-one and group lessons for students. I have also helped students prepare for large, content heavy examinations like the SAT Math sections, EOCTs, Georgia Milestones, and more. I like to focus on identifying my students’ strengths and weaknesses, so that I can adjust my classes in a way that will be personalized and tailored to them. I also believe that in order to fully master a topic or concept students need to be fully immersed (doing multiple practice questions so that they understand the entire scope of questions that can be asked on a particular topic), and I do my best to provide that.

Most of my students have scored well academically both in school and on standardized tests (I have helped students score perfectly on the SAT Math Section). I have also helped students succeed in their regular school classes (tutoring for specific math concepts, reviewing for tests, and more).

My approach for helping students improve in mathematics is to first explain the math concepts, and then show a few math problems, step-by-step, from their school or test prep books. I will also show them multiple ways to solve the problems to help them understand the overall concept. Then, I will have students do extra problems on their own to ensure they can apply what they have learned. Throughout the tutoring session, I will continuously go over the problems that they are having a hard time with. I truly feel that these math skills will enable my students to tackle any problem that is thrown their way!