How to Support Stressed-out Student

Every student gets stressed out at some point in their academic career. Whether it be test anxiety, frustration with homework or lack of understanding from teachers, kids don't always know how to handle that stress. They may act out or shut down, either way the parent tends to be left wondering what's going on with their child. Here are some ways to help your student manage their stress.

1. Help Them Understand: kids don't know what they don't know. Emotions are a crazy maze that people in general have to nevigate on a daily basis, but when you're a child, you don't know how to identiy your emotions or the reasoning behind them. Open a line of communication with your child. Give them prompts ...


Tips & Tricks: Combatting Anxiety

With Georgia Milestones right around the corner, many students are already starting to get test anxiety over the annual standardized assessment. There are many things you can do, as the parents, to encourage your students to study and help them overcome the scariness of testing!

1. TALK TO THEIR TEACHERS. Understanding exactly what is expected of the students will help them prepare for the test and environment. Some students with a 504 or IEP may be eiligible to alternate testing accomodations. Be sure to speak with their teacher if your student is on a 504 or IEP to ensure that all accomodations are being made.

2. LEARN HOW TO STUDY EFFICIENTLY. Some schools offer a "study skills class" or ot...