What Teachers as Tutors Can Do This Summer!

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Whatever your situation, whatever your comfort Zone, Teachers as Tutors offers the perfect learning environment for your child. Our certified teachers have impressive background experience and many years of teaching in their repertoire.

We Offer:

Orton Gillingham trained teachers

Math tutoring

Reading and writing specialist

Test-taking strategies

Summer prep for the next school year

Reinforcement of curriculum/content

Locations you can Choose From:

Online Tutoring

We utilize Zoom for meetings. It is a

robust web based and free platform.

In-home Tutoring

This is just like it sounds. We can bring tutoring to your home. (In the Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton, Sugar Hill, Lilburn, Grayson, Loganville, and M...


Individualized Education

Individualized education is not only for students in Special Ed, it's for everyone! The team here at Teachers As Tutors understands that every student learns best in a different way. Whether that be visual, auditory, reading & writing, or kinesthetic, during our intakes we get to learn about the students and take into account all of their needs in order to create an tutoring plan for each individual student.

Visual- Visual learners are able to retain information when it’s presented to them charts, graphs, pictures and more.

Auditory- As you may have guessed, this is referring to those who learn by listening to information being presented. These learners tend to do well in groups, lecture...


Worried About Your Child Taking The Milestone Test?

Because we are certified teachers that have classroom experience, we understand what is on the Milestones! We understand how the tests are formatted and give example tests to help your child prepare. We have three different locations that we can help your child: In-person in our Alpharetta Office, In your home, or online.

January is the perfect time to start preparing your child for the test. Not only can we help them learn the materiel, but we can also help them to become more confident going into the test.

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Welcome Laurie Donnell!

Laurie graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in Education degree in Social Science Education. She also earned her Master of Education from Georgia Southern University in Instructional Technology and her Specialist in Education from Thomas University in Teacher Leadership. She also has several graduate level credits in mathematics.

Laurie is certified in middle and high school math and history. She is also certified in K-12 in special education and physical education. She currently works as a collaborative teacher in high school math. She delivers specialized instruction to students with disabilities including several with ADHD and those who are on the Autism spec...


Welcome Adam Bykofsky

Welcome Adam Bykofsky!


Please read his bio:

Thank you for looking at my Bio. I have been a certified teacher in Georgia for the last 17 years. Math has always been my favorite subject and I have had a strong grasp of math concepts throughout my education.

As a tutor, I have had many years of experience in teaching math. I have taught both one-on-one and group lessons for students. I have also helped students prepare for large, content heavy examinations like the SAT Math sections, EOCTs, Georgia Milestones, and more. I like to focus on identifying my students’ strengths and weaknesses, so that I can adjust my classes in a way that will be personalized and tailored to them. I also belie...


Middle School and High School Math Tutor - Nicolas Soong!


Nick can tutor middle and high school students online.

Nick earned his undergraduate from Georgia Tech and is taking online courses from Tech for his Master's. He has worked as a Teaching Assistant for years.

He believes that real learning comes from students practicing every day, and students learn at different paces. His mission is to aid students to solve one problem at a time; with perpetual practice comes progress and perfection.