Individualized Education

Individualized education is not only for students in Special Ed, it's for everyone! The team here at Teachers As Tutors understands that every student learns best in a different way. Whether that be visual, auditory, reading & writing, or kinesthetic, during our intakes we get to learn about the students and take into account all of their needs in order to create an tutoring plan for each individual student.

Visual- Visual learners are able to retain information when it’s presented to them charts, graphs, pictures and more.

Auditory- As you may have guessed, this is referring to those who learn by listening to information being presented. These learners tend to do well in groups, lecture...

Advocacy: More Than Just A Meeting

Advocacy is a word we've all heard, but few know the extent of the meaning. It's is defined as any action that speaks in favor of, recommends, argues for a cause, supports or defends, or pleads on behalf of others. In the case of parents of students with special needs, advocates will walk you through 504's and IEP's, assist with school meetings and help make sure the needs of the student are being met.

When a 504 or IEP meeting is initiated for the first time (and every 3 years in the case of IEP's), teachers and parents of the student will meet to discuss academic concerns that could necessitate the need for further classroom assistance. Once this meeting is held, should the team agree, the ...

We Are More Than Just a Tutoring Service!

Our Friendly and Highly Qualified Teachers!


Teachers as Tutors can not only tutor your child to be successful, we can also be advocates for your child. We can advise you before your next IEP or parent meeting. We can also attend meetings to advocate in-person! For more information call: 470-546-3320

Welcome Peggy Engelman!

Welcome to our newest teacher, Peggy Engleman! Peggy has taught special education in the public schools for 31 years. During her tenure, Peggy received Teacher of the Year 3 different times! Please read her message below:


My name is Peggy Engelman. I am a mother of four adult children and grandmother to six children ranging in age from newborn to thirteen. I am originally from the New York area but have lived in Georgia for the past 21 years.

I have been teaching special education in the public schools for 31 years. My experience ranges from teaching children from kindergarten age through grade 6 as well as teaching high school equivalency classes. I am certified at the Bachelors level in Re...

Let's Individualize a learning plan for your child to be successful!

Not all students are alike nor families for that matter. Teachers as Tutors does not have a one-size fits all approach to working with children. We look at each child and their family as unique, so we will want to tailor a plan that's just as unique. When you call to set-up tutoring for your child, we will schedule an intake meeting for your family. At this meeting the parent can share work samples, progress reports, or if applicable an IEP to help your tutor better know your child. It is at this meeting we can layout a roadmap for the coming tutoring sessions. Further, the tutor will then take the paperwork to study before the first tutoring session with your child.

There are many options in...

From Lori Spencer....


I started this company in 2017 after almost 19 years in public education working with students with special needs. As a special education teacher I never felt like I was truly helping children in the way they deserved to be helped. There were just too many obstacles in the way. Some of these obstacles were large class sizes, paperwork limiting the time with my students, and limited staff. It was frustrating and I became unhappy. I had a dream to be able to work with a student one-on-one, focusing on his/her individualized needs; tailoring a plan just right for the student. There is nothing like seeing that aha moment in a child's eye!

Teachers as Tutors has grown and we have many wonderful ne...

Orton - Gillingham trained teacher & IEP Advocate!

Courtney Toribio

As an educator and tutor, I have over 18 years of experience working with children with special needs and elementary/middle school students.

I am highly skilled in teaching struggling readers and am certified in Elementary and Special Education, as well as Orton Gillingham trained. I am experienced with developing and implementing goals to enhance student achievement. I can collaborate with teachers, child study teams, and parents for students with autism, learning disabilities, developmental delays, and behavioral issues. I consider myself a kindhearted and empathetic professional who develops hands-on lessons and differentiates instruction to meet the needs of each individu...

Welcome Heidi Driscoll (Special Educatoin/Math)


As an Educator, with more than 20 years’ experience, working with students is what I enjoy most. My background is in grades 5-10 mathematics and in K-12 special education.

Along with teaching, I have tutoring experience, several years of STEM experience, and hands on experience using multiple different curricula. Each child is an individual with their own specific needs. My goal is to give them the most positive and productive experience that you and they could possibly hope for. Let Heidi be your child’s advocate! Call for more details.

Tutors in our Alpharetta Office; In-home in the Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Duluth, Roswell, and Milton areas, Also tutors online.


IEP Advocacy

IEP Supports:

• Schedule a tutor to attend an IEP meeting. We were special education teachers that had experience writing IEP's and running IEP meetings

• Schedule a timeslot to have one of our certified special education teacher/tutor to help you prepare for an IEP meeting.

Experience during IEP Meetings:

Our tutors were teachers and we know what goes into an IEP. A service we provide is going into the meeting as an IEP member. We can help you walk through the meeting page by page to be sure all services and accommodations are covered. We can also be in your court / on your side and will ask questions that will not intimidate the school staff but will help you get the best plan f...

Schools will start the new year expecting your child to have all the skills acquired in a normal year despite the Covid chaos.

Teaching has been chaotic these past two school years due to Covid! This week we are in the building, but next week will be online! Teachers have been trying to instruct students in person and online at the same time. It has been very difficult for the students and their teachers!

Bottom line, skills were missed! However, the school system will expect that students will start the next school year like none of these problems ever happened! Sound fair? Put simply... no it's not for our children! Let us help you to help your child be ready for the next school year!

We can tutor your child over the summer to prepare them for next school year! Our` teachers can assess your child to see what skills ...

we are happy to answer any questions: