Individualized Education

Individualized education is not only for students in Special Ed, it's for everyone! The team here at Teachers As Tutors understands that every student learns best in a different way. Whether that be visual, auditory, reading & writing, or kinesthetic, during our intakes we get to learn about the students and take into account all of their needs in order to create an tutoring plan for each individual student.

Visual- Visual learners are able to retain information when it’s presented to them charts, graphs, pictures and more.

Auditory- As you may have guessed, this is referring to those who learn by listening to information being presented. These learners tend to do well in groups, lecture...


Welcome to the Team

Exciting things are happening over at Teachers As Tutors! We're expanding and with that comes new staff! I'd like to introduce to you and welcome a few new tutors to our team!

Meet: Lindsi


Being a creative minded person tends to mean that you never stop pursuing new ideas. Possessing a Bachelors in Management & Organizational Development along with a Masters in Teaching Special Education, Lindsi constantly working on projects that better her community. She has taught special education K-12 in the resource, co-taught and online settings for the past 10 years in Arizona and Georgia. Lindsi has developed and implemented IEP's for over 200 students in that amount of time. She says, "Every person o...