Meet Caleb Soong


Extraordinary Math Tutor

"Behind the 4.0 GPA on my master's degree transcript, you would have never thought that I had been a C student from middle school to Grade 11, then my whole studying attitude drastically changed. "

"So what happened...? It was all because of ONE new Math teacher in Grade 12. He took interest in me, and often offered me challenges to answer difficult questions in front of all my classmates. Being put under the spotlight, no joke...he really made me think hard! I will never forget that moment of felling of how a correct answer to a question matter. After receiving compliments for a couple of times after I had the correct answers, I felt an irresistible ...

Advocacy For Students With IEP's

Walk-in with experience at yourside!

Courtney is an educator with 18 years of experience working with students with special needs. She is certified in Elementary and Special Education. Courtney has written many IEP's and faciliated many IEP meetings, so she knows what goes into an IEP. She is a wonderful tutor, but two other services she can provide are consulting with parents before an IEP meeting, and attending meetings with the parents.

Courtney can go into the meeting as an IEP member. She can walk through the meeting page by page to be sure all services and accomodations are covered. She can be in your court / on your side and will ask questons that will not intimidate the school staff, b...


In Their Own Words:

Courtney Toribio

"As an educator and tutor, I have over 18 years of experience working with children with special needs and elementary/middle school students. I am highly-skilled in teaching struggling readers and am certified in Elementary and Special Education, as well as Orton Gillingham trained. I am experienced with developing and implementing goals to enhance student achievement. I can collaborate with teachers, child study teams, and parents for students with autism, learnng disabilities, developmental delays, and behavioral issues, I consider myself a kindhearted and empathetic professional who develops hands-on lessons and differentiates instruction to meet the nee...

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