Give Your Child A Boost-Up in Their Reading, Writing, and Math Skills This Summer!

Summer is fast approaching and there’s no better time than now to sign your child up for our wonderful summer tutoring workshops at our Alpharetta office!

We offer programs in Reading, Writing, and Math Skills to bridge the summer transition gap for students. This year is a particularly important time to focus on these basic skills, especially since many students have missed so much academic understanding due to the pandemic gap in learning from the previous two years. Our workshops focus on benefitting the students with the basic necessary skills to help them reach the next level in the Fall with the ease of transition — a boost-up in their learning. We will teach Reading compr...

On Reading and Writing Instruction-


Helping children of all ages thrive in reading and writing skills is the most important goal for the Teachers as Tutors team. Parents, let us face it, the Pandemic had serious negative effects on many children. In the early grades, k-2, children were often not able to access the basics of social skills such as developing relationships with others, use of expressive language and even development of basic phonics skills because masks impaired the children’s abilities to look at lip formations. Many students have learned to form letters incorrectly because they did not have direct instruction in forming letters. In the upper- elementary and middle school grades some students did not consi...

Pre-School & Kindergarten - 1st grade Reading Workshops!

Teachers as Tutors is Proud to Announce Reading and Writing Workshops

The group workshops will begin January 6th. With registration starting after the 29th of November. After you register your child, you will make an appointment with Peggy Engelman for a one-on-one informal assistment to check on the child's levels, and strengths, and needs. It will be very helpful for you to bring in any kind of documentation that would assist in defining you child's needs. (kindergarten readiness, or evidence of work samples from current teacher.)

Preschool Workshops:

Conducted two days-per-week by our newest tutor, Peggy Engelman. The times are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 12pm.

Kindergarten - 1st grad...

we are happy to answer any questions: